All of the photos (unless indicated otherwise) that accompany these published articles are mine:

AAA Highroads story on the Bordeaux region of France (March/April 2015). Finalist, 2015 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards, Photography–Overall Excellence–Print Publication category.

AAA Highroads story on the wonders of Southern New Mexico (March/April 2015: all but one photo).

Guide to Fairbanks, Alaska, for the United Airlines travel site (June 21, 2019: two photos).

The WineBuzz story and photos on cycling through Germany’s Mosel Wine Country (Jan./Feb. 2015).

AAA Highroads story and photos on Southeast Portland in AAA Highroads Magazine (May/June 2014).

Houston Chronicle story on Mazatlan’s Carnaval (Feb. 2014)

Senior Living Magazine story and photos on La Paz, Mexico (March 2013). stories on art & culture and food & wine in Italy’s Marche region (August 2011).

I also published hundreds of photos that accompanied my stories on HelloMetro sites (especially and dozens that accompanied my stories in 2016 at Both sites are now defunct.