Bobbing Along With Bob

Here is a sampling of my published stories in date order:

Most Surprising March Madness Winners of All Time for (Feb. 14, 2024)

SoCal Calling for Diablo Magazine (Jan. 2024)

East Bay Holiday Hops for Diablo Magazine (Nov. 2023).

Wineries of the Rich and Famous for Venu magazine (July/August 2023: pp. 27-29).

Debunking 10 Myths About Strength Training for (July 26, 2023).

Five Questions for Tom Hale for Diablo Magazine (July 2023).

How tribal gaming has changed over time and impacts tribes today for (Jan. 30, 2023).

Bikeable Neighborhoods in Not-So-Bike-Friendly Cities for (Jan. 17, 2023).

Seeing Yellow: The Data Behind Penalties in the NFL for (Jan. 6, 2023).

10 of the most spectacular casinos around the world for (Sept. 27, 2022).

Top 15 College Football Rivalries for (September 10, 2022).

Art in the Heart for Marin Living (September 2022: PDF at pages 48-51).

15 notable farewell tours in sports history for (August 19, 2022).

Top-earning men’s tennis players of all time for (August 16, 2022).

The Past, Present, and Future of Sports Cards for (July 14, 2022).

10 Scenic Running Paths from Around the World for (June 29, 2022).

From Fenway to Lambeau: The Oldest Sports Venue in Each State for (July 5, 2022).

Pro Athletes Who Are Also Great Golfers for (June 21, 2022).

States that have hosted the most U.S. Opens in golf history for (June 9, 2022).

A New Home is in the Works for Marin Shakespeare Company for Marin Living (June 2022).

10 of the greatest performances in an entire NBA finals for (May 29, 2022).

10 times taxpayers footed big bills for new stadiums and arenas for (May 27, 2022).

25 athletes who competed well into their 40s for (May 17, 2022).

Artist David Huffman’s ‘Traumanaut’ Exhibit at MoAD for Marin Living (May 2022).

10 Athletes who have promised to donate their brains for research for (April 11, 2022) and

The Airlines with the Most Delays for (April 9, 2022).

Felecia Gaston is on a Mission to Instill Pride in Marin City’s Youth for Marin Living (April 2022).

Art & Soul: 4 Artisans, 4 Countries, 1 Vision for Ensemble Vacations (Spring 2022).

Biggest Blown Leads in Every NFL Team’s History for (March 1, 2022).

Accessory Dwelling Units are Booming in Marin for Marin Living (March 2022).

Hanson of Sonoma: A Family Distillery for Marin Living (December 2021).

Elk Activists Protests in Point Reyes National Seashore for Marin Living (December 2021).

Worst Performing Heisman Trophy Winners in NFL History for (Nov. 17, 2021).

Sailing the South as a Shipboard Nurse for Scrubs Magazine (Oct. 21, 2021)

4 Can’t-Miss Mendocino Beach Hikes and Coastal Trails for (Sept. 8, 2021).

Politics with your Coffee? for the Fortune magazine website (March 9, 2020).

The World in a Box (computer education program in Nepal) for Stanford magazine (February 2020).

San Francisco Food Halls, pg. 24, for Mabuhay (Philippine Airlines inflight magazine: January 2020).

More than 100 destination articles of mine about places worldwide appeared on the United Airlines travel site between 2015 and 2020. They are no longer online.

Ralph Hopkins’ Photo Tips for the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic site (December 2019).

Taipei 9 to 5 for Global Traveler magazine (December 2019).

Off-the-Radar Mendocino Spots for the Nob Hill Gazette (Nov. 4, 2019).

What to Eat Before a Run for the Road Runner Sports website (Oct. 18, 2019).

7 Ways to Run a Faster 5K for the Road Runner Sports website (Oct. 11, 2019).

Workout Motivation: 5 Ways to Get Moving for the Road Runner Sports website (Oct. 1, 2019).

Swimming with Sharks for the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic site (Sept. 2019).

How to Run Longer for the Road Runner Sports website (Sept. 10, 2019).

Vineyards of Dreams for the Nob Hill Gazette (September 2019).

Bloated from Running? for the Road Runner Sports website (Aug. 30, 2019).

Bay Bosses for the Nob Hill Gazette (June 2019).

5 Weird Places to Visit in Southern New Mexico for the AAA Highroads website (May 9, 2019).

Retracing Lewis & Clark’s Expedition for the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic site (May 7, 2019).

Citizen Science Expeditions story for the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic site (April 22, 2019).

Different Kinds of Bike Routes story for the Sierra Club website (April 15, 2019).

Athletes on a Mission feature article for the Nob Hill Gazette (pp. 56-61, February 2019) and web version here.

Restaurants in Planes & Trains for The Wall Street Journal (January 31, 2019).

Hike + Bike Danube Cruise for Inspired Senior Living Magazine (Jan. 1, 2019).

Packing School Lunches That Kids Love for (December 2018).

Scenic Winter Train Rides for the National Geographic Traveler website (Nov. 26, 2018).veler website (Sept. 26, 2018).

Dogs in Marin for Marin Magazine website (August 2018).

Mountain Biking Couple Charlie & Jacquie for the print and online versions of Marin Magazine (June 2018).

Canadian Golf Cruise segment for the “50 Ways to Have a Superior Summer” story in The Wall Street Journal travel section (May 15, 2018).

Places to Experience Nature Through Glass for the National Geographic Traveler website (May 4, 2018).

Boat Sharing for (April 25, 2018).

Rob Pope: Transcontinental Runner for American Way Magazine (April 2018).

Photographer/Conservation group matching platform for the Sierra Magazine website (March 2018).

Print and online story on kayaking for Marin Magazine and (Nov. 2017).

Resorts with Bragging Rights for The Wall Street Journal (Sept. 10, 2017).

Barkley 100-Mile for The National (Aug./Sept. 2017).

San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District for The Wall Street Journal (May 20, 2017).

Bordeaux article and photos (see pages 6-9) in the 2017 Taste of Travel anthology.

Amazing Rock Balancer for The National (Amtrak’s magazine: Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017).

The TreeSpirit Project for Hemispheres (Nov. 2016) .

Verde Valley (AZ) Wine Country for (originally in AAA Highroads Magazine).

Spotlight on a sustainable farming organization on (Aug. 17, 2016).

Repurposed forts for The Wall Street Journal (July 2, 2016).

New microbreweries in San Francisco for Draft Magazine (Jan./Feb. 2016)

I wrote 21 stories published in 2016 at, a hiking/outdoors site, before its demise.

Story on Austria’s Stubai region in Senior Living Magazine (May 2015).

Story on surprise adventures in The Wall Street Journal (March 14-15, 2015).

Story on Heidi Kuhn, founder of an international mine-removal charity, in Success Magazine (Jan. 2015).

Topics of the 38 stories I wrote for the Asics running site in 2015 touched on training, motivation, gear and nutrition.

Profile of the founder-director of a pioneering after-school program in Family Circle Magazine (Sept. 2014).

Story on Mazatlan’s Carnaval in the Houston Chronicle (Feb. 2014).

Award-winning profile of AmaWaterways executive Kristen Karst in PORTHOLE CRUISE (Dec. 2013).

Story on Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein for PORTHOLE CRUISE MAGAZINE (2013 NATJA Silver Prize, Personality & Profiles category), Feb. 2013.

In 2013-2017, I published 14 feature articles in AAA HIGHROADS MAGAZINE (Arizona).

Story on Basque places in the West in the San Francisco Chronicle Travel section (July 2012).

Story on Wales’ Coast Path in Budget Travel Magazine (May/June 2012).

Story on running hotspots in the San Francisco Chronicle Travel section (May 2012).

Here are my stories on the art & culture and food & wine in Italy’s Marche region on (Aug. 2011).

Story on great pipe organs in the San Francisco Chronicle Travel section (Dec. 2011).

Story on Sam’s Chowder House for (Jan. 30, 2011)

Medicine storage safety for VIM & VIGOR (Fall 2010).

Story on U.S. islands for EXPERIENCE LIFE (June 2010).

In 2010-2011, I published more than 150 articles (most with my photos) on attractions, restaurants, wineries, parks and other places for Hello Metro sites (,,, and many others throughout the West). Here’s the complete list.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE MAGAZINE profile of a former Microsoft executive who founded Room to Read, a charity that builds school libraries abroad–winner of the 2005 ASJA “Arlene Award” for stories that make a difference. (The story generated more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind contributions by readers.)

Story on Germany’s Mosel River wine region for MARIN (Oct. 2009).

Story on Wales for MARIN (April 2010).

Here is a partial list of where I’ve been published:

National magazines (U.S.):
AARP: The Magazine, American Health,  American Way, Art & Antiques, Backpacker, Best Life, Better Health & Living, Bicycling, Boys’ Life, Budget Travel, Continental, Draft, Energy for Women, Exercise & Health, Experience Life, Family Fun, Family Life, Fitness, Fitness Runner, Forbes FYI, Fortune, Global Traveler, Healthy Kids, Hemispheres, Inc., Ladies’ Home Journal, Longevity, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Modern Bride, National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Porthole Cruise, POV, Prevention, Runner’s World, Running Times, Self, Shape, Spa, Sports Afield, Stanford, Triathlete, Triathlon Today, Ultrarunning, Ultrasport, Virtuoso Life, Weight Watchers, Winning (bike racing), Wired, Women’s Sports & Fitness.

Foreign magazines:
Ensemble Vacations (Canada), Mabuhay (Philippines), New Zealand Runner, Runner’s World-U.K., Runner’s World-South Africa, Senior Living (Canada), Style (Hong Kong), Western Living (Canada).

Newspapers and regional magazines:
City Sports (CA), Competitor (CA), Houston Chronicle, Marin, Marin Living, Pacific Sun (CA), Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Union, Sactown Magazine, San Francisco Business Journal, San Francisco Chronicle (Travel section and Magazine), San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Focus, UC Davis Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Waterways (Austin, TX).

Websites:,,,,, WebMD,,, and many others.