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Since 2003, I have line-edited books and other writing projects for dozens of writers, including many through the Book Passage “Path to Publishing Program.” Similar to copy editing, line editing consists of going line-by-line through a manuscript to check for consistency, word choice, correct grammar, punctuation, etc.

I have line-edited magazine articles, short stories, newsletters and about 30 books, including nonfiction titles on politics, history and psychology; several memoirs; numerous novels; science fiction; Bay Area Travel Writers anthologies in 2014, 2015 and 2016; an award-winning book on Greek theatre; a coffee table art history book; and God, Seed, a poetry collection that won a 2011 Indie Excellence award.

I enjoy this work and would be happy to line-edit what you’ve written. I am familiar with both AP and Chicago Style. I can also do basic proofreading. Hourly rate and references on request.


2018-2019: Reports for court depositions by Claude Chemtob, PhD

2016-2019: Monthly Poetry Sundays column for, by Rebecca Foust

2019: World Travel with Miles and Points travel blog, by Moawia Abdelkarim

2019: Standin’ in a Hard Rain (memoir), by Joel Eis

2019: After Darkness, The Light (psychology), by Mary L. Westcott

2019: A Cloak of Good Fortune (memoir), by Sieu Sean Do

2019: “Peace Umbrella” (short story), by Grace Rogers, published in Catamaran Literary Reader

2019: Sister Butterfly (children’s book), by Mike Mirabella

2019: Business articles and web content, by Tyler Copenhaven-Heath

2019: Triathlon training articles, by Kamil Klamann

2019: Two essays, by Grace Rogers

2019: First Act of Freedom (history), by Joel Eis

2018: Visions from Abroad (art history), by Mona Khazindar

2018: Trial Fundamentals (law/nonfiction), by Judge Mark Curry

2018: Foretold (fantasy novel), by Elizabeth Banning

2018: Wake-Up Call (advocacy/nonfiction), by Larry Bearg

2018: East Bay Murders (crime novel), by Tanya Chalupa

2018: Time in My Coffee: An Art-full Autobiography (memoir), by Igor Sazevich

2018: Ignite Your Dormant SuperPowers (self-help), by Steve Dickason

2017: The Goldberg Variations: Rites of Passage (novel), by Jonathan Taylor, Arnoland Press

2017: Out of the Mansion of the Motoyasu (memoir), by Junko Chodos, Giotto Multimedia

2017: A Traveler’s Travel Guide (travel memoir), by Jane Weber

2017: The Whole Book (poetry/philosophy), by Don Cerveris

2017: Bay Area Travel Writers Taste of Travel II anthology

2017: My Big C (memoir), by Nancy F. Radin, Dramedy Press

2017: Los Conversos (novel), by William Zemsky

2016: Shards of a Broken Mystery (spiritual memoir), by Shira Marin, Mute Swan Publishing

2016: Bay Area Travel Writers Taste of Travel I anthology

2016: Red Fire: Growing Up During the Chinese Cultural Revolution (memoir), by Wei Yang Chao, Avant Press

2016: One Percent Free (science-fiction), by G.A. Matiasz, 62 Mile Press

2016: Raised in the Shadow of the Bomb (nonfiction), by D. Leah Steinberg

2016: The Rangity Tango Kids (memoir), by Lorraine Rominger, Untreed Reads Publishing

2015: Intelligent Design and Other Poems (poetry), by Bruce Sams

2015: Bay Area Travel Writers National Parks 100th Anniversary anthology

2015: Fire in My Hands and The Play in August (play scripts), by Joel Eis

2015: My Journey In and Out of Africa (memoir), by Pauline Tusher

2015: The Harp of Time (science-fiction novel), by Joel Eis

2015: What A Trip! (memoir), by Jim Wood

2014: Bay Area Travel Writers Clips & Pics anthology

2014: The Function of the Ekkyklema in Greek Theatre (academic book: winner of The Adele Mellen Prize), by Joel Eis, Edwin Mellen Press

2014: The Greatest Encounter (religious book), by Bishop K.K. Degaya

2014: Three short stories by Letitia Sanders

2012: My Magical Palace (novel), by Kunal Mukherjee, Harper Collins (India)

2010: All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song (poetry), by Rebecca Foust, Many Mountains Moving Press

2010: God, Seed (poetry), by Rebecca Foust, Tebot Bach Press

2009: Mom’s Canoe (poetry), by Rebecca Foust, Texas Review Press

2008-2010: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation quarterly newsletter


Executive Editor/Editor-in-Chief, Running Times Magazine

Regional Editor, Triathlon Today Magazine

Senior Editor, Running Times Magazine